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Le Ghetto au Format Audio.


Everything Featuring: Gerald Albright & Sheila Brody Produced by: Gary G-Wiz Written by: Chuck D, Gary G-Wiz, G.Albright, Sheila Brody Everything (The Video) Directed by: David Snyder Produced by: Maura Snyder Featuring (In Order of Appearance) Justin Strong Davon Magwood Jason Sauer Julian Hicks Nina Gibbs Alicia Natachie Tim Sites Marcus J Gilligan Jake Mulliken DJ Def Chad Pilar Freeman Shelby Smith Ashtyn Neibar Marie Pelliccione Zoe Louis Kahmeela Adams Dorothy Davis Special Thanks to Malik Farrakhan and Family EVERYTHING ( C.Ridenhour, G.Rinaldo, G.Albright, Sheila Brody ) I GOT NO FANCY CAR NEVER WAS NO SUPERSTAR I GOT NO GRAMMY TROPHY GOT NO PROBLEM IF YOU APPROACH ME NEVER HAD NO ROLLING STONE COVER NEVER HAD NO TOP 10 HITS BROTHER GOT NO TV SHOW GOT NO MAYBACH BENZ OR ROLLS GOT NO MOVIE ROLES GOT NO PLATINUM OR GOLD I GOT NO DIAMOND RINGS WATCHES AND ALL THEM THINGS GOT NO WAITING PLANE WHAT I MEAN IS I GOT NO PRIVATE JETS BUT I ALSO GOT NO REGRETS GOT NO SWAG BUT GOT NO LOVE FOR SOMETHING I AINT NEVER HAD (second verse) GOT NO MANSIONS RESTAURANTS I GOT NO YACHT BUT I GOT NO CHOICE BUT TO SHOW WHAT SOME OF US FORGOT''' NEVER WAS HOT NEVER WAS POP BUT I NEVER EVER STOPPIN THAT REAL HIP HOP GOT NO MILLION FOLLOWER FRIENDS ON TWITTER ON AND FACEBOOK LOOK MY FRIENDS GOT NO THING FOR VIDEO GAMES GOT NO SHAME SAYIN I AINT NEVER PLAYIN 2012 BringThe NoiZe Publishing BMI, administered by Reach Global Songs (BMI) Suburban Funk BMI, G-Force Music ASCAP , Niceville Publishing (BMI) 2012 ENEMY Records Earth Distributed By SPITdigital SPITdigital Distribution Earthwide Americas, Africa, Asia Australia and Europe A BTNEastlink Company All Rights Reserved**
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